These are pictures when the car was stock, with the exception of a K&N airfilter. I had not really intended to modify the car much at all, if you remember that I had kept my previous two Mustangs completely stock.

Cobra R rims

This is the absolute first mod done to the car (I really don't count a K&N as that much of a mod). I had curbed one of my stock rims pretty bad (front passenger side) and decided it was time to replace them. Cobra R rims, Firestone FireHawk SZ50's 275/40/17 rear and 255/45/17 front.

Cobra R rims - FMS 'C' Springs

After seeing the car with the new rims, I wanted to do some more mods......both in the performance and looks categories. Lowering the car with FMS 'C' springs definitely improved the looks. What you can't see are the FMS aluminum driveshaft, FMS 4.10 gears, and Bassani X-pipe. Doing some "side jobs" sure does help fund modifications!