FMS 'C' Springs

These of course lowered the car and gave it a much better look and "feel" while driving. I ordered them from THE RACING ZONE and had Ron cut the rears. This is a must do mod to all Mustangs that are just street cars and that aren't purpose-built (drag-racing or open-track).

FMS Cobra R rims

Again here is a "looks" modification though it does allow for wider/larger tires than the stock rims. These look much better (in my opinion) than the stock rims....and since I had curbed one of my stock rims the Cobra R rims were a natural choice.

FMS 4.10 gears

Here we go......the BEST mod done so far......if I had known how much of an improvement this was going to be I would have left the dealership and had them done that day. Unfortunately it was almost two years after buying the car before I did the gear swap. There are many debates about which ratio is the best....but in my opinion, for a street Cobra, 4.10's are the best choice you can have either NA or SuperCharged.

FMS aluminum driveshaft looks better than the stock piece, and it's lighter and why not? I had it installed the same time the 4.10 gears were installed.

FMS Shorty headers

One of the latest mods I've done to date....and I'm glad I did them. Did I notice a difference over the stock manifolds......yes, though very slight. It seemed to allow the car to rev faster and pull harder in the upper RPM's. They'll help more after I get the blower. Not wanting longtubes the SVO Shorties were my only choice.

SHM speed compensator

A must have piece when changing out the rear gears on a Mustang. Why not have your speedometer/mileage as accurate to stock as possible. No worn out plastic gears, no 4% or 6% variances.....just as accurate as having stock gears in.

Bassani X-pipe

Another choice mod for the Mustang/Cobra. I got in on a group purchase on this piece and there wasn't a cat-less version available at the time. I'd still buy the one with cats since the HP/TQ difference are really minimal and I prefer to stay as "legal" as possible for emmissions. Nice change to the sound and a definite gain in the mid and upper RPM's. There seemed to be a little more "grunt" off the line too so I'm sure it helped with some low-end torque.
Oct/13/2000 UPDATE:
Swapped out my Bassani X w/cats for a Bassani offroad X pipe. On Supercharged cars the cats restrict airflow more than I wanted so out they went. Tried a BBK offroad H pipe first but HATED the sound tone/quality. Love the way my Bassani offroad X sounds....very MEAN and very LOUD.

Bassani Cat-back

Sound....oh yes...does this make the exhaust sound good. Very deep, little to no drone, and very authoritative at all throttle positions. You can hear this on my TimeSlips/Dyno Charts page....and running up to 7,000rpms!! It was a little pricey, but I am very impressed with Bassani products so far.

Steeda Tri-Ax shifter

A short throw, positive stops, and a spring-action assisted 3rd gear shifts make this a nice addition. After you drive with one of these you'd never go back to the stock shifter.

K&N airfilter

Okay...everybody buys one so I did too! I'm sure it helps with air flow and filtration but other than that don't expect any significant gains. never have to buy another air-filter, just use the cleaning kit and "refresh" it when needed.

FireHawk SZ50 (255/45/17 front) (275/40/17 rear)

Incredible tires with great traction in both wet and dry environments.
Oct/13/2000 UPDATE:
Again...the supercharger forced me to move to a stickier Nitto 275/401/17 DragRadials are now on the rear wheels.

Clear Corner Markers

These really clean up the looks of the car and work well on any color car. I still have the orange bulbs to be as legal as possible and they aren't noticable unless the lights or turn signal are on.

GW Subframes

Global West subframes and Tokico 5way adj. shocks/struts have made a very noticable change in the feel of the car. Much firmer ride (not harsh) and confidence inspiring. I also added Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber plates to take care of any alignment problems from lowering the car.

Vortech SQ

Latest modification....WOW! Traction is a problem in 2nd gear at/near redline now :) The blower is the new V-2 unit (Super Quiet) and is barely audible at all. There is a slight whistle at idle but that's it. The T-rexx is LOUD...I'm gonna try reducing it's volume level by replacing the stock intank pump (190lph) with a 255lph pump. I've already used dynomat on the mounting area of the T-rexx. I've very pleased with the new power my Cobra's a total blast to drive now and downshifting to 3rd on the highway is a total rush! With the blower I also had some Autometer Phantom gauges mounted in the A-pillar, Boost/Vacuum and Electric Fuel Pressure.

Oct/13/2000 UPDATE:


Added some Global West Lower Control Arms to the rear suspension replacing the stock pieces. Much better handling and the ability to launch the car harder. They did add some road noise overall but it's worth it for the added traction and handling.

Oct/13/2000 UPDATE:

New Clutch

FMS HD Pressure Plate and Centerforce Dual Friction Disc make up my new clutch as well as adding a Steeda Adjustable Clutch Quadrant (the whole kit...Double Hook Quadrant, Adjustable Cable and Firewall Adapter).

Oct/13/2000 UPDATE:

MAF & Injectors

Added 42lbs injectors and a ProM 80mm RACE MAF to help supply greater fuel and hopefully make the supercharged setup "safer". Of course the ProM was calibrated for 42lbs. injectors and has the supercharger curve. A 6:1 FMU re-calc kit was needed to complete the setup. Needing more fuel I've also added a Paxton EFI Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Car-tech Fuel Rails, new fuel lines and a Bosch 390lph in-line pump. This should supply enough fuel to support up to 650rwhp.